Monday, 21 June 2010

The Cheerful News Bulletin

You may remember I posted a couple of months ago about a good friend of mine who had been diagnosed with something terminal. Well as part of his campaign to raise awareness of the problems with the organ donor procedures in this country (that results in around 1,000 people a year dying while waiting for a transplant), he agreed to a centre page spread in the News Of The World yesterday (the biggest selling Sunday newspaper here, that just so happens to be on my work's internet banned list as being 'Tasteless and Obscene').

You can read the story and/or watch the video here.

Also, if you're in the UK and are not currently on the organ donor list, then please consider doing so here.

Also, RIP Edd - who died suddenly yesterday on his 28th birthday. A tragic loss to everyone who knew him. My thoughts go out to his family.

It seems that the old saying 'Only the good die young' is particularly apt this year.

My favourite clip of Edd is one of him and a friend playing a piano placed at Liverpool Street station for anyone passing to play.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hokey Cokey...

Mrs RS has been in and out of hospital and/or doctors for most of the last fortnight so I've kind of been away from the internet for a while. I'll try and catch up and comment and stuff over the weekend.

She was getting better, but today the 'nice' nurses that come in to administer her IV drugs managed to collapse a vein, so we have to go back to the hospital tomorrow to get another IV put in. Hopefully a final ten days of meds and then we'll both stop looking like zombies (neither of us are sleeping at the moment).

Thankfully any overnight stays on ward have been avoided, although we've spent many hours sitting on uncomfortable chairs/beds surrounded by sweaty, dying people and a cacophony of beeps from various devices that conspire to sound almost like Belgian techno without quite managing it. In many respects it like being in a massive microwave with an out-of-date Findus crispy pancake, or possibly even the least healthy McDonalds kitchen where no-one's bothered to take the fries out of the fryers.

Either way, hospital clearly makes you ill. Mrs RS shamelessly cried to get out of it, so we get home nurses now.

Anyway, I did discover that the Bristol Royal Infirmary has one of these:

A department of Gadgetology? I wanna work there.