Friday, 18 May 2012

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Or some other song about bells. Whatever.

Anyway, I got engaged to Mrs RS. Who will become officially Mrs RS. Just to clear up any confusion.

She's a huge fan of the game Bioshock and works for the company that made it. I don't do normal so went behind her back and contacted her boss about six months before this. Together we planned an event and I had a special ring made in the same theme.

Keeping this a secret was hard and getting everything in place without her guessing was the challenge of a lifetime. So we 'unexpectedly' found ourselves in a hotel in london for no particular reason, and I 'knew' a restaurant we could go to where a couple of hollywood types had been flown in specially to perform and record. Having this filmed was the quid pro quo for this entire fantastic event.

So with little further ado, and apologies for those that don't actually know what I look like. You may wish to look away now.....

What can I say, I'm a natural in front of the camera :(

Plus, try eating a meal in a normal fashion (when you could throw up at any moment) without attracting suspicion.

This went mildly viral for a bit. The internet isn't very nice :(

Saturday, 12 May 2012


I'm sorry I've been away. I very nearly gave up on this entirely.

That's not true. I did give up.

I got tired of people at work ratting me out. I got tired of people I respect but slightly fear (Stalker girl is now a famous artist apparently, which is nice) still reading something that in part I felt personal. Though of course it wasn't personal because it was in the public domain and I placed it there. Mea Culpa all the way down to the gutter.

I love life. I hate life. I live with a terminal patient. Only I don't, because we're 8,000 mile apart. Again.

I create. I destroy. I have direction. I get lost.

I'm very lost now.