Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My creativity has been somewhat diverted this month as I (stupidly as it turned out) agreed to do an Advent Calendar for the football forum I spend some time on. Most of the pictured are in-jokes and fairly unrepeatable anywhere else but basically something like this every day (an understanding of proper football is probably required here):

Why it's lovable wheeler-dealer 'Arry Redknapp from Tottenham Independent Traders. Let's see what the old rogue has to say:

"Top quality players here. Five million each, or three for Twelve mill. Can't say fairer than that can you? Tell you what, see Bentley here, yours for four million. Okay, 3. Two and a half? Not interested? Okay squire - I can see you drive a hard bargain. You might be interested in a job lot of africans I'll be getting in in January? I get 'em in cheap in bulk so could sort you out with three of four. Yeah? Give us your number then and I'll buzz you next month...."

It ended up taking a huge amount of my time.

I realise that's a really lame excuse for not blogging :(

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all (and a Happy New Year as Mrs. Red Squirrel is flying over to visit for a couple of weeks so I might be rather busy). I'll leave you with a joke I heard last night.

Q: Two scousers in a car with no music playing - who's driving?

A: The Police.

Heh heh.

Friday, 19 December 2008

The people are revolting...

...apparently. Couldn't agree more myself.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I pass a particular poster site every day on the way into work. For the last week it has been emblazoned with an advert for what I assumed was yet another perfume ad, but that actually turned out to be for a personal alarm.

Not just any personal alarm - the 'Revolutionary'
ila Dusk personal alarm.

I'm intrigued enough to bother looking this up because it's not often something 'Revolutionary' comes along.

I'd define an object as 'Revolutionary' as a great leap forward, a step change in design. My dictionary defines it as 'of, pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a revolution, or a sudden, complete, or marked change' which basically says the same as I said just with a strange comma fetish.

So I wonder what 'Revolutionary' leap forward in personal protection is provided by the ila Dusk? Is it perhaps the abandonment of capital letters in their company name? Does it perform some wondrous new trick?

An alarm of any kind is designed to alert someone to an event - be it a bedside alarm waking you up, a burglar alarm or a car alarm. Does the ila Dusk have a new way of doing this? Noise and light have been done, so maybe it uses telepathy? Or magically texts the Police with 'Hlp. Bng mugd. tb xxx'? Or maybe it even projects 'Mama Mia' onto a nearby surface causing the attacker* to flee or risk his sanity (which would also make solving the crime much simpler - 'Yes, officer, it was the third man on the left. I recognise his inability to hit the high notes in Waterloo')?

Sadly it does none of those things. It screams like a girl, something I feel the girl frantically yanking at the thing in her handbag is probably better qualified to do. Oh, and it comes in different colours to match your shoes.

Something designed to allow women to accessorise? I fail to see what's 'Revolutionary' about that....

*Let's face it, the attacker is 99.9% likely to be a straight man. Unless there was serious dress envy going on.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

According to GenderAnalyzer this blog is 60% female.

Arse. (59%)

Football. (56%)

It's a man's game. (56%)

Look at the top bollocks on that! (55%) Blokes rule

Um, 'fiscal analysis of quarterly financial projections'? (53%) Yay!

Pot Pourri. (57%) Shit!

Football. (54%) Just to be on the safe side

Romance. (65%) Argh!

Football. (62%) Phew

That 'Sex in the City' film wasn't a complete pile of exploitative wank. (100%) Game Over :(

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Goddamn it...

I really dislike it when something I knew/liked/had/was into to suddenly becomes mainstream.

I'm very much not a mainstream person. At all.

So I was slightly dismayed this week to find that one of my favourite songs of all time - and one that was a little nugget of quality passed around to people you thought would embrace it (their 'Best Of...' album was called 'Best Kept Secrets') - has been chosen as the music for the new Tomb Raider adverts which seems to always be on every time I turn on the TV at the moment.


Here it is anyway - Gorecki by Lamb.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Cor, isn't it dark over there?

We just had a blackout.

I say 'we'. In fact, other people just had a blackout. I could just see them having a blackout (that covered half of Bristol apparently) but still had enough power to blog about it.

Suckers, you should live on our side of the street!

Still, my heart went out to them with their little candlelit urchin faces pressed to the window watching me sip a cup of tea from my electric kettle while standing under enough spotlight wattage to cut through mild steel and idly flicking through channels on the TV. Poor, poor people.

I'll go round and lend them a lump of coal later on to keep warm. I'm that kind of thoughtful person..... ;-)

Friday, 12 December 2008

It's a cracker...

After a couple of cheeky comments on my last post (weenie, I'm looking at you) I will simply say:

Days taken off ill by Department head with stomach bug : 5
Days taken off ill by Team Leader with stomach bug: 3
Days taken off ill by me with stomach bug: 1

So ner!

H'anyway here's something amusing I just heard on the tellybox;

They say that a woman's work is never done.

That's probably why they're paid less.


Thursday, 11 December 2008


It appears the reason I was so cold is that I have the deeply unpleasant stomach bug that's swept round our office.


On the plus side, I got paid for being ill. Having been a contractor for 8 years or so I had actually forgotten what it feels like. I'd got used to the nagging guilt that I clearly wasn't that ill and that I couldn't get up and GO AND EARN SOME MONEY. So to feel like I can actually recover from being ill without forcing myself is actually making me feel less ill.

Whatever will they think of next? Paying people when they're on holiday? Paying people to have babies? It's a crazy future ahead of us....

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Warning: contains moaning

It's fucking freezing outside.

Admittedly I'm inside. With the heating on full blast.

And a fire going.

And wearing two jumpers.

And a scarf.

But it's bloody chilly out. I even saw ice on the way to work today - ICE!!!

Wake me when it's warm again.....

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Time flies when you're a lazy git.

I've been told I've been neglecting this recently, so I'll try and make a big effort next week. No, honest.

As an aside, I have the cleverest cat in the world. Sure, lots of cat owners will say the same thing because their cat can recognise the sound of their car engine, or turn on a light switch, or meow in a way that sounds like words - but that's not what I mean.

I have a cat that's cleverer than most humans.

That's a big claim, but she's cleverer than most humans because she's mastered something that humans can only mimic on sci-fi shows with christmas lights and tinsel. That's right, my cat has mastered the art of matter transference - or teleportation if you will.

She (that is, Pink) can - in the blink of an eye - move from one side of the room to the other without appearing to occupy any space in between. More so, this skill is entirely repeatable. All you need to do is get her in a head lock and try and put anti-flea liquid onto the skin at the back of her neck - and suddenly *poof* she's the other side of the room hissing at you. Another blink of the eye and BANG!!! the cat flap is swinging in the wind and you won't see her for two months (and counting)....

Floyd on the other hand, likes to try and exercise his mind with complex physics. You may be aware of the paradox of Schroedinger's Cat - well Floyd and I have worked long and hard on this one, and it turns out that if you place a cat in a box after you've put some anti-flea liquid onto the skin at the back of his neck, then when you open the box to see if the cat is alive or not you get an effect last seen in the Alien movie franchise as an angry ball of fury will leap at your face and try and bite your hair off.

I can kind of understand their dislike of their new flea treatment. It turns out that pets can build up an immunity to the chemical treatment that is supposed to make their skin taste yucky to the fleas, and this will diminish its potency. Luckily for the world there's a new type that frankly stinks to high heaven. I'm guessing it's abandoned the clever 'skin-altering' technology in favour of just making the fleas leave for somewhere that smells better - the equivalent of taking a dump in a squatter's fridge.

Floyd really didn't like the smell so did a runner for a few hours. When he came bounding back in, his train of thought appeared to be something like:

'Happy, happy, joy, joy, I'm here! Meow! Look, it's me! Meow! What's that smell? Aaargh! It's following me! If I look over my shoulder it's even stronger! Aaaaargh! My nose! It's even worse if I run in a circle! Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Quick, run away! Run awaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!'

And then he'd run outside again for a few hours. It was pretty funny the first four times he did it, but got fairly tiresome after that. He even slept in the coal scuttle for three days (presumably to mask the stench) and made little black paw prints on every single surface in my flat.

Though it must be said that he lost of lot of weight whilst running away from his own neck for 24 hours. Maybe they should just market it as a diet treatment for obese pets?

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Reasons why the 60s were a pile of arse, part 1

Apparently the 60s were great and basically invented things like love, drugs, playing tag with STDs, music and teflon.

You may have heard this already.

However the 60s were also responsible for many of the world's ills. For example, the 60s decided that this magnificent piece of architecture:

would actually be improved by adding this as the annexe:

Excellent work!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

A Christmas Story

I'm stealing this story directly from my friend Matt.

Because I can. :)

Anyway, our Matt was visiting his parents the other weekend and what with it being within four months of Christmas he got asked to write his Christmas list. Matt's a fairly self-sufficient type and doesn't like to make a fuss so just wrote 'Father Ted Box Set'.

"You have to write something more than that," his mother said after looking at it.

So he wrote 'World Peace' underneath.

The next day his parents were going shopping and his father found the piece of paper Matt made his list on.

"Is this Matthew's Christmas List?" he asks, showing top-notch observing skills.

"Yes," says Matt's mother.

Matt's father gets out his reading glasses and peers down at the list for several minutes. He sighs and takes a deep breath before looking up at his wife and asking:

"Are they *both* on DVD?"

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sobering TV....

It's often said by people in this country that Americans are dumb asses.

This isn't true. For a start, my other half is extremely clever.

However, many Americans are dumb asses - just like many people in every other country.

I was reminded of this fact while watching an extremely interesting programme last night about the astonishingly high level of national debt in America (here for UK based people only). It was made by the person who actually signs off the national accounts (sort of like head of the National Audit Office here) so had some gravitas. It also included contributions from several former Treasury Secretaries as well as Warren Buffet (the richest man on the planet).

The conclusion was that a) we're all fucked, b) the Chinese own our asses and c) we're all fucked.

Anyway, as part of the programme they did a series of vox-pops where they asked several random people three questions. The questions were:

What do you understand by the term 'Trade Deficit'?
What is the national debt?
How much do you save?

Obviously the ones shown were selected for their 'duuuuuuuuh' facial expressions (after all, why make a programme about educating people on the debt if they already know about it), but one girl in particular stood out.

Her answers were:

'Errrr......I dunno'
'Errrr......about three billion???' (only ten trillion out, my dear)

and my favourite,

'What? Like money and stuff?'

Fantastic. Especially 'and stuff' as if somehow the programme makers wanted to know how many nectar points she had. Dumb girl in a turquoise t-shirt, I salute you! :)

Saturday, 22 November 2008

What's the point in being a racehorse, if you never get to go on a racecourse?

Deep words of wisdom there from the band I went to see tonight - the Beatnik Filmstars.

Actually they were really good (cracking version of Champion The Wonder Horse) and I felt all rock'n'roll sitting in a comfy velvet seat drinking a cup of tea.

Let me explain - tea because I'm not drunk any alcohol for 328 days obviously, and a plush velvet seat because I saw them at an artsy place that doubles as a cinema. I was most disappointed not to get a choc-ice between the support acts and the main band.

(As an aside, you cannot get access to the building unless you're a member of the collective. Lifetime membership costs £1. Awesome.)

The first support act were a band called Countryside who helpfully gave away free copies of their CD in the foyer in the hope they'd get a free beer. Somehow I think they'll go on to better things.

The old work-colleague I was with tonight (coincidentally a Beatnik Filmstars member's brother) had stayed in the foyer for an extra drink so we missed the start of the second support act, which the barmaid helpfully described as 'Ruth with her bells'.


We snuck into the side of the auditorium and grabbed the nearest available seat. On stage was a woman playing a bass guitar. To a tape of another bass guitar. After 5 minutes of some serious bass-on-bass action, she put down her guitar - and both basses carried on playing. To say I was non-plussed was an understatement. It appeared we were watching an accomplished bass mime-artist. She then played a theramin.

This was fucking weird.

For her next song it started to make more sense, she'd play one bass line, record it and then play it back on a loop while adding a second bass line, then record that and so on and so on...

So if listening to three bass lines at once, overlayed with alternately a theramin, some bells and a mouth organ is your thing - then google 'Ruth'.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What I learnt today...

.....is that if you have one of those fancy new laptops with fingerprint recognition, don't cut the end off the only finger you've configured for access. This would be considered 'inopportune'.

Anyway, I went to see the new Bond film last night (it's alright really. I don't particularly understand the negative reviews it's got - unbelievable plot? It's a BOND film. Not as much character depth as Sophie's Choice? It's a BOND film, and at least the right people die. In fact my only criticism was the Bond girl*).

Dotted within the 30 minutes of ads and sponsors were numerous utterly baffling moments. Picture the scene (if you will), Person X has paid a not inconsiderable sum to watch a film which - in all probability - Person X has not seen yet. Person X knows that the main character in this film has a 'favourite'** watch, mobile, pen, car, condom etc etc etc. However, is it REALLY necessary to have an advert for his preferred watch that is simply one minute of clips of a film YOU ARE ABOUT TO SIT AND WATCH followed by a picture of a watch. And then again, for his preferred mobile phone. And then again, for the computer game of the film THAT YOU HAVEN'T FUCKING WELL SEEN YET?

Every single scene had a moment in it when you thought 'aha! This is the bit where he jumps on the motorbike' (or whatever) because the pre-film adverts had shown it to you. Damned odd behaviour if you ask me.

Next time I'm turning up late and hoping to just catch the film! :)

*If Bond could do Diana Rigg then would he really let Olga Whatsernameko get away with just a snog? I think not.
**And a 'favourite' amount of money they deposit in the producer's bank account.

Monday, 17 November 2008


It's not often I'm lost for words really. In fact those that know me in real life probably wish I was dumbstruck more often. Like I was this lunchtime.

Y'see I'd gone to the Post Office to send some Obama t-shirts to certain members on my family who'd asked me to pick them up last week. I'd reasoned that we were still far enough away from Christmas that I wouldn't be caught in the parcel queue, but was dismayed to find that the nearest Post Office is nigh on a mile from where I work (and I work a stone's throw from one of the busiest train stations in the country). So a queue was inevitable. Ah well.

15 minutes later I am in a queue of ten people being served by two counter staff. Result! Should be in and out in a few minutes, I thought. Or not, as it turned out.

The first few people whizzed through, doing normal things like sending a letter to Australia or wanting lots of stamps for Christmas cards. Even the poor Jordanian student sending a package to his parents and (probably justifiably) paranoid that the police would open it didn't take long (in all likelihood the parcel would only get blown up if it was going to Brazil...)

And then the lady three people in front of me reached the counter. She produced a shoebox from a bag and announced to all and sundry that she'd just sold this pair of shoes on ebay and didn't know how to post it.

The twenty or so people in the queue glanced briefly at the clock, then at each other, then returned to watch the fun. The cashier looked bemused. "What do you mean, how do you post it?", he asked.

"Well," she said, "I want to sent it recorded delivery but don't know if you're supposed to wrap it or I'm supposed to."

"You are," said the cashier with a facial expression of confused vacancy that Ben Affleck would've killed for.

"Oh," said the lady - whom I'd have guessed at late 20's/early 30's - "do you have any paper then? And be quick, I'm in a hurry to get back to work."

My jaw, along with those of the now 25 people stuck behind this woman, dropped.

By the time I'd reached the other cashier, and was weighing my parcel, the lady had (without leaving the queue) taken an A4 manila envelope from the neighbouring shelf and tried TO FIT A SHOEBOX IN IT, surprisingly failed, borrowed some sellotape and scissors from the cashier and had then taped the envelope to the top of the box.

She then rather brilliantly asked if she had to fill in the address or whether the cashier would?

Because clearly she was in the fucking psychic queue.

However, the best was to come - by now over 30 people were grinding their teeth at being held up for over 20 minutes of their lunch break behind this gurning simpleton, and the cashier could sense that the mood was turning ugly. As I walked out past her the cashier politely asked her to continue wrapping her parcel to one side and then rejoin the queue to post it.

She turned slowly and looked at the length of glowering people before replying, "oh no, I'm not joining that queue. I have to be back at work in 5 minutes."

And with 1.8million people unemployed, someone gave this woman a job. The mind boggles.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Thursday, 13 November 2008

So good they named it twice

New York then....

I like the place (in the main). I love how each block is a kind of city-state in itself, how you can pass a block in which every person is clearly desperately poor, then one where they're well off, then back to poor etc. There's less 'areas' than a UK city, and the split in New York is equally along racial lines as it is along class lines - a Russian block becomes a Turkish block, becomes an Azerbaijani block, becomes an Armenian block, becomes a Russian block again, and so on.

Maybe it's the dull and predictable street layout* that produces such a mindset.

Anyway, this time we stayed in an area called Sheepshead Bay which is the south-eastern tip of Brooklyn and (apart from things like boats and water) was quite pretty. It certainly made a pleasant change from the warzone I accidentally booked us into last time.

I wasn't there long enough for us to do much beyond hang out and have a good time, watch some films, order a vast amount of food and check out a few local restaurants - of which the majority were sushi bars (and Mrs. Red Squirrel no likee fishee).

We did walk past one more 'american'** bar that didn't appear to serve food but still decided to take up a quarter of it's window space with a poster proclaiming 'NO SUSHI'. Either it was a bar frequented by fanatical animal rights protesters or a thinly veiled request to keep those pesky orientals out. The other window held the following gem of a poster (picture courtesy of my dear girlfriend ;-) ):

(I'm especially impressed by a) the sawn-off shotgun bit (normal shotguns not wanted) and b) the maximum payment as if someone might 'accidentally' find 12 assault rifles in the spare room.)

Seeing as this was the only window displaying this poster, I'm guessing 'NO SUSHI' wasn't a food critique.....

*57th Street and Y Avenue. Boring.
**By this I mean stereotypically redneck

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Not a morning person....

My favourite way to wake up

Slowly drifting awake about 10am on a weekend with sun filtering through the curtains (but not actually on the bed to make it too hot) with the soft relaxing feeling that comes from knowing that you have nothing at all to do today and can go back to sleep for a few hours. This is even improved with your love curled up next to you, provided that she is not snoring.

My least favourite way to wake up

In a hotel in Tokyo in a blind panic because the ambulance outside your window has the exact same siren as the UK Civil Defense warning that meant a nuclear bomb was on the way. This may even make you nakedly run to your hotel window and frantically look out like some kind of flashing mime artiste.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I got back from New York this morning and am going to bed in a minute. I guess not eating and running about like a maniac for an hour in extremely cold weather has contributed to me feeling utterly zonked.

So please excuse me if I skip posting about what I got up to (without going into too much detail *ahem*) for now. Maybe tomorrow ;-)

I will say that the flight back was terrible. Not only did a glitch in British Airways' self-service check-in system mean that every single person had to queue for the 'Fast Bag Drop' line - this kind of negates the concept of a 'Fast Bag Drop' line really - but the pilot nearly stuffed the landing up, leaving us weaving down the runway on 2 wheels with all the grace of a drunken duck landing on a frozen pond.

Add to this that the aforementioned glitch meant I was seated in the middle of a row. On my left was a middle-aged woman who repeatedly requested The Daily Mail to read from the cabin crew (sample headline: 'How Europe wastes YOUR money teaching Finns to dance'). The Daily Heil. Jesus wept.

On my right was a plastic barbie Jewish Princess type who spent the entire flight alternately reading a fashion magazine or sleeping with her mouth open while snoring like a trooper. I was SO tempted to add a bit of drool using my teaspoon but didn't want to get in any trouble. She also handily brought her own cashmere pillow and blanket (matching of course) and refused any food because it wasn't 'kosher enough.' I would've had some sympathy too, if the ultra-orthodox Hasidim mother and daughter chubfest behind me hadn't wolfed theirs down in seconds. When it's kosher enough to be eaten by them (and the rabbi on the flight) then I'm guessing it's kosher enough for anyone.

The duo behind me also spent the entire flight talking loudly to one another in Yiddish. 'Ear-splitting volume' sort of loudly. Yiddish is actually fairly close to German so I was able to follow some of it, and nasty spiteful bile it was about each and everyone.

All in all it was the middle-class flight from Hell.

Now excuse me, one needs to sleep!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I've finally finished working stupid hours so spent last weekend relaxing.

By relaxing, I mean I drove to London on Saturday to watch The Mighty Spurs absolutely *thrash* lowly Liverpool (and coincidentally win some money off of weenie :) ) and then popped into a Halloween party and then got home at 2am.

But I took it easy on Sunday.

By taking it easy, I mean I watched Lewis Hamilton win the F1 world championship, England humbled in the 20/20 Cricket Porn, and some documentary about penguins until the early hours.

But I've chilled out this week.

By chilled out I mean I've been out every night doing stuff and am flying off to New York on Friday to see ze girlfriend - which should be fun :)

Actually, watching the Grand Prix live on Sunday afternoon did make my week. If you haven't seen it, the Brazilian guy in a Ferrari won the race (and at that point the World Championship) and his team in the pits were jumping up and down and hugging his family. Tears were shed. Sadly, 20 seconds later Lewis Hamilton overtook someone on the final bend to finish 5th and then he'd won the World Championship instead.

Cue frankly hilarious scenes as the Ferrari pit crew were still celebrating, the TV cut to the McLaren pit who were then celebrating, then back to the Ferrari pit as someone ran over and said 'sorry old beans, t'other chap pipped him at the end'. The look on their faces was worth every penny of the intense frustration of having to put up with adverts in the middle of the races for the last 12 years! :-D

It even inspired a picture:

Sunday, 2 November 2008


That's me, so rather than write something I thought I'd direct you all to my new favourite website - The Daily Mash

In fact this story is something I couldn't agree with more :)

A group of us doing A-Levels used to write something similar that was considered mildly amusing by those that read it. Wish we'd had the internet back in the day....

I promise to write something properish tomorrow.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Two things that cheered me up today....

Reading this:


and watching this:

(The background is that Sky Sports get two fans of the teams playing and allow them to do the commentary - why anyone would listen to muppets like these for 90 minutes I don't know. Anyway, Spurs (yay) played Arsenal (booooo) on Wednesday night in a bonkers game that Arsenal somehow managed to draw 4-4 after being 4-2 up with less than a minute to go. I think the Spurs fan's reaction when the equaliser went in was - minus the gut - pretty much a mirror of mine :) ).

http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid958992159?bc tid=1887841049

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Sleep, glorious sleep....

My small sojourn into not blogging coincided with two things:

1) Me working hideous amounts of overtime and
2) Spurs being the biggest pile of poo since Mr Neanderthal ate uncooked Mammoth meat and suffered from the Neolithic runs....

I don't want to talk about 2 (though we have won and will hopefully do so tonight as well against the hideous gooners) so I shall stay on the subject of 1.

The day I went permie we happened to have a scheduled meeting about our wonderfully helpful and patient* client in America. The option of overtime was offered to allow out of hours 'emergency support only'. I agreed.

Everyone else refused.


So I've done 85 hour weeks every week this month as I'm 'on-call' for 'emergency issues only' until 11pm every night, 7 days a week.

I have a nice new Blackberry which buzzes every time an issue is raised, meaning I have to get to my computer and respond to the issue within an hour.

I tried to quit after the first weekend. Sample moment of the personal hell that was my Saturday - having to leave my shopping in the supermarket, drive home, boot-up the laptop only to find that she needed something doing IN FOUR DAYS TIME but didn't want to forget so was insisting I did it immediately.

And apparently if I told her to 'fuck off' I'd get in trouble. Where's the justice in that?

My threat to quit got her told off enough to only raise issues that were emergencies. My average evening goes like this:

BUZZ!!!! BUZZ!!!!
*check email*
*type 'This is not a critical issue. I will look at this in work hours tomorrow.'*
BUZZ!!!! BUZZ!!!!
*check email*

*type 'That is in testing and will be rolled out next week.'*
BUZZ!!!! BUZZ!!!!
*check email*
*type 'As just mentioned in the other issue you raised just now, that is in testing and will be rolled out next week.'*

BUZZ!!!! BUZZ!!!!
*check email*

*type 'As just mentioned in the other two issues you recently raised, that is in testing and will be rolled out next week.'*
*scream in frustration*

I currently very much have a love/hate relationship with Americans. Thankfully with different people ;-)

Uh-oh, I think I hear something buzzing..... :(

*Evil, vicious Harpy

Monday, 27 October 2008

100% Stalk free

Welcome, bienvenue, wilkommen.

I've decided to start again with a more accurate title, a new hit count and hopefully one less mad irisher.

Yes indeedy, my new bestest pals ever at www.statcounter.com have included a lovely little feature in their teensy little gizmo - an IP blocker. So, Stalkergirl, if you want to read this I recommend you change ISP pronto.

Oh, you can't read this can you?


Quite a lot has happened in the last month which I will feel obliged to bore you all to death with shortly, but I'm actually still doing work so it'll have to wait.

Adios! :)