Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hokey Cokey...

Mrs RS has been in and out of hospital and/or doctors for most of the last fortnight so I've kind of been away from the internet for a while. I'll try and catch up and comment and stuff over the weekend.

She was getting better, but today the 'nice' nurses that come in to administer her IV drugs managed to collapse a vein, so we have to go back to the hospital tomorrow to get another IV put in. Hopefully a final ten days of meds and then we'll both stop looking like zombies (neither of us are sleeping at the moment).

Thankfully any overnight stays on ward have been avoided, although we've spent many hours sitting on uncomfortable chairs/beds surrounded by sweaty, dying people and a cacophony of beeps from various devices that conspire to sound almost like Belgian techno without quite managing it. In many respects it like being in a massive microwave with an out-of-date Findus crispy pancake, or possibly even the least healthy McDonalds kitchen where no-one's bothered to take the fries out of the fryers.

Either way, hospital clearly makes you ill. Mrs RS shamelessly cried to get out of it, so we get home nurses now.

Anyway, I did discover that the Bristol Royal Infirmary has one of these:

A department of Gadgetology? I wanna work there.


Mrs Red Squirrel said...

'Nice' nurses? They were twat faces and I've never wanted to punch someone in the gut quite so badly. If my arm wasn't the size of and Icelandic volcano, I might've.

P said...

Is Mrs Red Squirrel alright? Have I missed something?

And is Gadgetology really a word???

Pearl said...


I once worked for a department that did regular work with another department -- the interoffice envelope that we sent there, addressed properly albeit abbreviated, read "Anal. Ass. Dept."

Yes, really.

It was the mid-80s, and we didn't have senses of humor then.


Madame DeFarge said...

Must be run by complete anoraks. Hope Mrs RS is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Littly Squirrel...please send my best wishes to Mrs. LS for a speedy recovery.

I applied for a job in the gadgetology department of our local hospital once. They had an opening for a filing clerk in their pranks and monkey business office.

Sadly, they passed me over for some idiot that could write with his feet. I never quite got over that....

Love to you both!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hope things are rather a lot better know, or at least getting there.

Hugs to the lady.

Red Squirrel said...

P - sorry, I've not really blogged about it yet. She had an infected wound that turned into cellulitis and a very nasty fever. Three+ weeks and three different antibiotics at the same time and she's still not better yet.

And no, I'm pretty sure it's not a word!

Pearl - lovely :)

We have abbreviated job roles at work. The Publishing Administrators are known as 'PubAds'. I feel sorry for the Production Assistant, because he's known as the 'ProdAss'. Admittedly I started that one, but I feel sorry for him now...

Madame DeFarge - thanks! She's improving, but a long way off better sadly.

Sweet Cheeks - :)

Kevin - they're getting there certainly, albeit a lot slower than they should be. I shall pass on your hugs :)