Wednesday, 28 January 2009

*cough* *cough* *cough*

I've been laid low for the last week by some horrible flu-type virus that's sweeping around these here parts.

I say a week - but I had a day off ill, then struggled through the funeral on Friday, then spent two and a half days immobile apart from bouts of coughing, then spent two days at work when really I should've stayed at home and now today I'm 'working from home' with the sort of cough that can be heard halfway down the street.

*cough* *cough*

That's the downside to me not drinking and trying to be healthy - I suddenly start getting ill.

*cough* *cough*

Anyway, this made me laugh:

It's just coming to the end of playtime at a nursery school and the teacher is finishing cleaning the classroom as the first of her charges comes into the room.

"Hi Jenny!," says the teacher, "and what have you been up to at playtime?"

"I was playing in the sandbox with Mike," replies Jenny.

"That's lovely! Tell you what, if you can spell 'sand' for me you can help your self to a sweetie from my desk."

Jenny dutifully spells sand and then gets herself a sweet. The next child entering the room is Mike.

"Hello Mike," says the teacher, "did you do anything fun at playtime?"

"I was playing in the sandbox with Jenny," says Mike.

"Sounds like you two had fun! Say, if you can spell 'box' for me you can help yourself to a sweetie from my desk."

Mike easily spells box and while the teacher isn't looking takes two sweets from the jar. The third child in after playtime is a sad looking Ahmed.

"Hi Ahmed, what did you do at playtime?" asks the teacher.

"I wanted to play in the sandbox, but Jenny and Mike wouldn't let me," replies Ahmed.

"They wouldn't let you! Why, that's racially biased discrimination!" exclaims the teacher, glaring at Jenny and Mike.

She leans in closer to Ahmed and says, "Tell you what, if you can spell 'racially biased discrimination' you can help yourself to a sweetie from my desk."


Irish Gumbo said...

*PFFFHHHHTTTTT!* Tea all over the screen!

Funny and unsettling. But mostly funny! That made my morning.:)

Sorry to hear about the bug, hope you are feeling better soon. And I had wondered what that noise was...

Anonymous said...

Very sorry you are ill, but the entry is uhm hysterical~Mary

weenie said...


At the joke, not at your illness! Hope you get over your man-flu soon!

Paula said...

So you have "man-flu"??? Awwww... :P

As for the joke . . . it made me laugh. and then i felt kind of bad for laughing. Is that right?

Anonymous said...

Little Squirrel...
Frowny face for you. :(

Funny joke!

Hoping you feel better soon!

Red Squirrel said...

IG - glad to entertain :) That was just one of a series of jokes my sikh friend passes on, the others are not repeatable on here...

Mary - welcome! :)

weenie - man flu? *glowers*

Paula - I refer you to my previous answer. If a woman had this cough she'd be in casualty tout suite. I sound like a chain saw starting up ferchrissakes :(

Sweet Cheeks - thanks. I'm off ill from work today and 15 hours straight sleep may just have helped!