Thursday, 22 January 2009


Which is more scary:

a) that my girlfriend was pistol-whipped in a robbery at her workplace by three guys who thought a bakery had a safe (and therefore escaped with less than $20 for ooooooh ten minutes before the cops at the precinct half a block away arrested them) - and has seven stitches in a head wound to show for it.


b) that this is considered so common in New York that the incident wasn't even considered worthy of reporting as local news in her borough?


Irish Gumbo said...

Each very scary for slightly different reasons, Good Lord, that's awful!

I do hope she will be alright. Very sorry to hear that (as a person who empathizes with you) and as an outraged citizen (of a society that it unfortunately too blase about violence!).

Anonymous said...

Thank God she is alive!

Maybe not reporting on it is a blessing in disguise, Red. Sometimes the hounding of the press does more damage than the original perpetrators. They should've reported on the crime, but left her name out of it.

Sending my love and prayers to you and Mrs. Squirrel.

weenie said...

Gosh, glad to hear that she's ok.

Red Squirrel said...

ig - thanks for your kind words. Mrs. RS is physically okay and hopefully everything will work out in the long run.

Depends how the trial goes I guess!

Sweet Cheeks - the more details I hear about it the more I'm simply glad she's alive as well. Thanks for the thoughts.

weenie - time heals all I suppose, though that's not the greatest of comforts right now :(