Saturday, 10 July 2010


Do you know what the highlight of my working day is?

Probably not, but you want to know right?

Probably not, but sod it - I'm telling you anyway.

The highlight of my working day is arriving at work to find that the old lady that washes the spoons (or the 'Refreshment Officer' if I'm to be correct) has actually washed the spoons. The small effort required to wash a spoon before making my caffeine re-humanisation drink is enough to make or break my entire day.

I suspect I'm therefore in a rut.

However it is a paying rut, so it's a rut that I'll continue to furrow until this country has an economy again.

I feel rutted.


Anonymous said...

You could drink your tea black. No need for spoon.


Pearl said...

Ah, I was rutted once, but I suspect we may be talking about two different things.

Honestly, I've been bruising my forehead with the continual pounding it receives, what with my inability to pass a hard surface without pushing my head into it in frustration.

I've got an excellent line on a really good job tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

OMG Little Squirrel - you have someone that actually washes your spoons?!

I need a new job...

Hire me to wash the spoons at your work and I'll also hand out random compliments to you and your co-workers. Is that a great offer or what?


Anonymous said...

Hope you and the Mrs. are okay over there, Little Squirrel!

Anonymous said...

They were the last time I saw them.(about a week ago)

Just too busy to entertain us I guess.


Red Squirrel said...

Pearl - totally belatedly, but I hope it went well!

Sweet Cheeks - we're okay thanks, just been very busy recently. I'm doing a post about it which will be up soon :)

Alfamale - drink on Friday then? :-P

Anonymous said...

Hah. So after abandoning all your online friends for weeks ou expect me to go for a drink with you?

What do you think online folk?