Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hello, what's all this then?

I've not been here for ages! I also appear to have 476 blog posts in my reader. Christ.

It's been a bit mental recently - memorial day on the other side of the country for my friend Edd who died at the end of June, followed by stag-do, followed by a friend visiting from Australia, followed by family wedding, followed by ill cat (now minus several teeth) - and all that alongside work being a 'challenging environment' right now, my time/motion project that will be complete by the end of the year, building a prop for Mrs RS and then Mrs RS going back to the US yesterday to redo visas and.....

*deep breath*

...whatever, you get the picture. In fact, you'll get several :)

First off, the eddshrinker memorial cup which we organized last month. I knew Edd from football, specifically watching Spurs. We were both members of a closed forum and conversed on it just about every day for a couple of years, as well as meeting up regularly at actual games. He was a lovely guy - not just World Sudoku Champion (seriously) - but someone whom you met once and it felt like you'd known him all your life. There were 24 people from the forum at his funeral and we thought we'd organise a football match in his memory (as well as an opportunity to all get together and raise a glass in his direction).

I designed and got the t-shirts printed and someone else did the flag for the european away games we'll be doing this season. Here's some of us pre-match (I'm on the left in goalie gloves as I'd stupidly agreed to go in goal!):

I've blurred faces to preserve anonymity, but frankly it looks a bit creepy like that. Whoops.

And I'm not fat, thank you for thinking it though.

The game and the day were good fun - got sunburnt to fuck as the weather forecast said rain not blazing sunshine - although we (the whites) lost in the end. We were 4-0 down at half time as the blacks tore us apart and were using deeply unsporting tactics like 'passing', 'shooting' and 'scoring'. I kept the score down quite well as it could have been ten.

In the second half I got bored at the guys playing up front for us never passing and never scoring so I took on half their team from my own goal line and scored the best goal I'll probably ever score :)

Don't believe me? Here it is in blurry technicolour! Um, it might take a while to load it seems. Totally worth it.

Class is permanent *dons sunglasses*

The pile-on at the end nearly cracked a rib though :)

Now excuse me, I have some of your posts to read!


The Vegetable Assassin said...

It never rains but it pours when trying things occur dear boy. But the sun comes out again after.

Aren't I wise?

And don't I sound like a 70 year old man (old boy?). Good luck with everything. And don't drop the ball will ya?

weenie said...

Nice to see you back. And yeah, the blurred faces in the photo do look creepy but a nice memorial pic for you departed mate. Hope things calm down a bit for you!

Pearl said...

I, for one, am glad you are back. Not like your other commenters.


I think it's very nice what you did for your friend, in memorium. We should all be remembered in such a thoughtful way.


Red Squirrel said...

Veggie - apart from another wedding this weekend I think I've got a nice chilled August ahead of me, and with Mrs RS back in the US of A for a while I'll probably be posting a lot more. I pity you all :)

weenie - cheers! We tried to think of a way of celebrating his life the way we remembered it.

Pearl - it's what he would have wanted. Apart from being dead of course...

You've been busy for the last month! :)