Saturday, 14 August 2010

Crystal Ball time part 2...

It's time for my 2010/11 Season Predictions!

1) Manure to win the league. I feel their young players are starting to bed in more into the side and they never give up.

2) Chelsea, but not by much.

3) Miles behind will be Arsenal - just not good enough in defence to go the whole season and how motivated is Fabregas?

4) Tough one this but I've got a feeling that Spurs can get 4th again even with the Champion's League commitments and no major signings. Sandro (once he arrives in September) should transform our formation to a 4-2-3-1 and this will help us away from home a lot.

5) Man City for 5th (again). Too many new players not used to the Premier League will mean a very slow start and I just don't think they'll recover. Probably win the league the year after though!

6) Very tight this but I've got to go for Liverpool over Everton purely because they have a bigger squad. However if Everton stay injury free and Torres has another six-month 'niggle' then they could swap.

7) 8th is the best Villa can hope for after imploding like that and probably losing Milner and Young.

8) Biggest surprise of the season? My bet is Bolton who I can see finishing in the top half.

9) Biggest disappointment of the season? Stoke, who will be a lot closer to relegation than they'd like to be.

10) The three relegated teams will be Blackpool, West Brom and Wigan - with Wolves, Newcastle and Blackburn not significantly further ahead.

11) Top scorer in the league is likely to be Drogba again. There's not a huge amount of competition!

12) I've got to go for a Premier League player having a drugs ban here. This will happen eventually :)

13) Spurs will get into the group stages of the Champion's League, scrape into the knock-out round and then drop out at the last 16 phase.

14) No English side will win a European trophy, although at least one finalist will be from the Premier League.

15) A team wearing blue shall win the FA Cup. Actually, why beat around the bush - Chelsea shall win the FA Cup.

16) First manager to be sacked is likely to be Mancini if Man City are out of the top four by November, although it's possible that Newcastle will panic if bottom after a couple of months and sack Chris Hughton. I hope they don't because he's ex-Spurs.

17) League Cup is too close to call - too many sides will play the reserves and will drop out. Suffice to say the the semi-finals shouldn't contain more than 2 of the top 4 in the Premier League last season (the new 'Big 4' weenie ;-P )

18) England to win every single Euro 2012 qualifier during this football season.

19) Tom Huddlestone will win his first competitive cap for England during this season.

20) And completely randomly, one of Newcastle, West Brom or Blackpool will pull of a shock victory in the first weekend (seeing as they're playing Manure, Chelsea and away at Wigan that's a really unlikely one!).


Irish Gumbo said...

Arsenal, for the League!

Ya, I know, but as a Goonerfan, I have to say that :)

Jack said...

I was wondering when your predictions were going to arrive.

As a Villa fan, I am half tempted to put £50 on finishing outside the top ten if we lose both Young and Milner ...

Red Squirrel said...

IG - with your injury list? No chance :)

Jack - looks like Young may stay, so you're an outside bet for 7th :)