Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I do live.

It's been a bank holiday (= for americans yet another free day off work that you don't get. In fact I think we get more free days holiday than you get annual leave. It sucks to be you sometimes) and I've had fun.

Lots of fun.

Woot woot.

Many updates coming soon. With pictures :)

You're all great though. I love you guys. I'd be, like, nothing without you all.



Anonymous said...

We got 14 bank holidays (or Federal holidays) when I lived down in the States. Plus a couple more optional ones depending where you worked. I also had fifteen vacation days, five floating "personal" days, Fridays off between May and September and a paid week off at Christmas. Worked out as 30 something paid days off plus the paid 14 federal holidays and ten paid sick days. It's not as bad as you think.

You drunkard.

Ben said...

When you're unemployed like me, you forget when things like bank holidays are. You have to go by how busy the pubs are on a Sunday night.

Anonymous said...


An unashamed blag of a mates blog, but Newcastle football team are actually topping a league in English football.

I know Squirrel has a lot of overseas readers so let me put this into context, this is as rare as two suns in the sky.

Wow. If you want to wish for something, wish now.


Pearl said...

Ack. If we're going to start talking vacation days, here's what I get in Mpls:
Six paid company holidays
Three weeks' vacation (after five years)
Whatever sick days I need.
One "floating" holiday

I still feel ripped off.

Oh, and tomorrow? I've memed you. So sorry.


Anonymous said...

Little Squirrel...just shut the hell up. You and your 'fake' holidays...

pssht...this is me not listening....

Just Kidding sweetie, you know I love ya! Yay for a day off!
Go Squirrels!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Hah! I bet your idea of fun was watching a bunch of sweaty louts chase a ball and kick each other like mules.

Red Squirrel said...

Veggie - what on earth makes you think I was drunk? How very dare you! :-P

Ben - because all the students are home for the summer you can't even do that here. I rely on people saying 'see you Tuesday' when they leave on the Friday...

Alfa - they still won't get promoted :)

Pearl - six days? Wow! And meme-ing? You're going to tomorrow or you already have? I'm confused (easily done)...

Sweet Cheeks - day off's rock. Though it always makes going to work that *little* bit harder the next day.

gb - surprisingly I didn't watch any football this weekend. I had an old friend down for a visit, so we ate crocodile steaks, went to see Bill Bailey and played golf. Tres relaxing :)