Friday, 30 October 2009


So, um, what to say? May as well stick to the facts.....

In the early hours of the fifth day of the trial, Mrs RS was attacked and *insert hideous imagination here* by a group of guys near her apartment.

Which is why I went to NY the next day.

We will get through this together, and I cannot overstate my thanks for the support we've been receiving. We both appreciate everything that has been done for us and, well, kindness will be visited upon those that have shown themselves to be real friends.

If by 'kindness' you mean 'beer'.

And indeed I do.

On a positive side, even without her testimony the perps in the robbery case were sentenced to consecutive life sentences for the murders they committed in the earlier robberies in their spree.

On an even more positive side, I'm rescuing Mrs RS from the ghetto that is the 'US of A'* and she's moving over here where the worst thing that's happened on my street is some student scrote keying my car.

*Like, joke, non-Brooklyn resident dude types


Jack said...

Glad you have those folk around you - human compassion can be eye-opening. It's good you've not lost faith in our species just yet.

ozzie hobbit said...

A true knight in shining armour.
Good man!

Hope all goes well with the move, that she recovers quickly
and that being woken by cats fighting in the corridor or picking up the local accent is the worst that happens to Mrs RS from now on.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Mrs. RS. Well done you and all due kudos to your friends for rallying round you, well done them.

Good luck with the move.

Irish Gumbo said...

Wishing you and Mrs. RS all the best, and a trouble-free move. I hope you both get some peace of mind soon.

I got the joke, but honestly? I feel that way about America sometimes too...and I have never lived anywhere else.

P said...

Oh God, that's horrible!

There are some messed up people in this world. :(

Charby said...

Horrid stuff, poor mrs RS having to cope with you full time! I hope she recovers soon. And I hope she's ok and recovering after the incident as well.

Pearl said...

You are a good man, Red.


weenie said...

My best wishes go to you and Mrs RS and hope she settles down to a new (and safer) life in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Little Squirrel...

I was so relieved to read that Mrs. Little Squirrel will go to live with you there. This is a good thing. I am so horrified about what happened to her...please hug her for me and love to you both!

Sweet Cheeks~

Red Squirrel said...

Jack - not yet, certainly :)

hobbit - going to be a couple of months before everything is organised properly, but that is also my wish!

Kevin - thanks very much. Sometimes it's easy to think you can cope on your own, but I don't think it's a bad thing to need help from people now and then.

IG - thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure many parts of NY are safe, but Brooklyn feels like downtown Mogadishu sometimes....

P - you're right, and you don't know the half of it! :)

Charby - thanks me dears :-P

Pearl - aw, cheers! I can only be me, and hopefully that's sufficient :)

weenie - I hope so too. No-one can have endless bad luck. I hope...

Sweet Cheeks - I will do, and good to see you back! :)