Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I got added on facebook last night by a colleague's girlfriend, an action that included the message:

"Hello is this <> the one who works with <> who meet (sic) his american love interest via internet?"

Well, when you put it like *that*, it sounds kind of wrong... :(

Anyway, guess what this is:

Any ideas?

It is, in fact, my stomach this evening after copping a brute of a volley at football last night. You can only imagine how hard that was struck to leave an imprint.

And yes, I am that pasty and hairless. What. Ever.

If only I could have got a Nike logo on there as well - I could've sold my stomach as advertising space! Regardless to say, that stings like fuck 24 hours later and a proper yellow bruise a foot across is developing.

Still, my pain is your amusement. I know my place :)


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! OUCH! I had no idea that was even possible.

Cheeks said...

Pasty AND hairless? Stop flirting with me! ;P

That is one heck of an imprint. Even after you said what it was it took a second for it to sink in. Owww!

omchelsea said...

OOF. That's mad. Who kicked it and how far away were they???

Gorilla Bananas said...

Better smear something on your chest before next time. You don't want people seeing that when you exchange jerseys at the end.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I thought they'd stopped selling caseys

weenie said...

That's your stomach...thought it was the football!

Fake tan may be the way to go! :D

token said...

Do it again! Do it again!

But this time I want to see it happen, OK?

Red Squirrel said...

Veggie - Nor me :(

The lines are the unbruised bits.

Cheeks - I was lucky it didn't rupture anything!

omchelsea - it was belted from a yard away by the one player we play with who's good enough to catch it on the volley. Bastard.

gb - duly noted :)

Kevin - I had to look that up! This was one of those new-fangled plastic balls, which is probably why it only stang and didn't break my ribs...

weenie - for a very small time my stomach and the football were one thing.

token - no chance :)