Friday, 12 December 2008

It's a cracker...

After a couple of cheeky comments on my last post (weenie, I'm looking at you) I will simply say:

Days taken off ill by Department head with stomach bug : 5
Days taken off ill by Team Leader with stomach bug: 3
Days taken off ill by me with stomach bug: 1

So ner!

H'anyway here's something amusing I just heard on the tellybox;

They say that a woman's work is never done.

That's probably why they're paid less.



weenie said...

Lol, I wouldn't wish a stomach bug on anyone cos I know how nasty they can be. Hope you're all better.

But although I wouldn't say I was the healthiest of people, I do sometimes have to comment on sickness cos the last time I was off work sick over the past 3.5 years was one day due to pain from root canal treatment - yes, I know I'm doing it all wrong, what a numbskull, eh?

Anonymous said...

Pssht...I notice the Department head took the most time off...where's the dedication?

Hope you're well now, Red!

Paula said...

Hmm, it's funny but now I think about it, I haven't been off work sick in over 2 years whereas my "esteemed" team leader has been off on at least several occasions in that time . . .

Red Squirrel said...

weenie - well that was my first sick day this century, so you can tell I was ill ;-)

Sweet Cheeks - I am indeed thanks. I was back at work on Friday to ridiculous amounts of office politics. Yawn.

Paula - it all starts to make sense doesn't it?