Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My creativity has been somewhat diverted this month as I (stupidly as it turned out) agreed to do an Advent Calendar for the football forum I spend some time on. Most of the pictured are in-jokes and fairly unrepeatable anywhere else but basically something like this every day (an understanding of proper football is probably required here):

Why it's lovable wheeler-dealer 'Arry Redknapp from Tottenham Independent Traders. Let's see what the old rogue has to say:

"Top quality players here. Five million each, or three for Twelve mill. Can't say fairer than that can you? Tell you what, see Bentley here, yours for four million. Okay, 3. Two and a half? Not interested? Okay squire - I can see you drive a hard bargain. You might be interested in a job lot of africans I'll be getting in in January? I get 'em in cheap in bulk so could sort you out with three of four. Yeah? Give us your number then and I'll buzz you next month...."

It ended up taking a huge amount of my time.

I realise that's a really lame excuse for not blogging :(

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all (and a Happy New Year as Mrs. Red Squirrel is flying over to visit for a couple of weeks so I might be rather busy). I'll leave you with a joke I heard last night.

Q: Two scousers in a car with no music playing - who's driving?

A: The Police.

Heh heh.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Squirrel Red! Be safe.

Paula said...

Liking the joke!

Enjoy your Christmas!!! :)

Nuvalostlamb said...

Gotta luv the scouser jokes - unfortunately not a fan of footie so dont really get it...

Irish Gumbo said...

Mr. Red Squirrel, sir! I arrived here via Sweet Cheeks blog, and I must say, top drawer stuff!

Full disclosure: I am a Yank, and I am an Arsenal man (just not the Gooners' year), please don't hold that against me! I believe that proper football is just that. I hate having to use 'soccer' all the time so most people can understand what I mean.

That said, I actually got the jokes (I think). I did a double take at the 'arry photo! Didn't realize he was now the skipper at Tottenham.

Enough blather, Happy Holidays!

Irish Gumbo

weenie said...

Harry IS Del Boy! And one of those scousers in the police car is allegedly Stevie G....

Hope you had a fab Xmas and all the best for 2009!

Glamourpuss said...

That man is terribly badly dressed - whoever he is...

Hope you had a jolly Christmas and New Year.


Anonymous said...

Red Squirrel, Red Squirrel...Where for art thou?


Red Squirrel said...

Sweet Cheeks - hope you had a great one too! :)

Paula - :)

nuvalostlamb - hope you had a pink Christmas!

Irish Gumbo - welcome! :) I'll try not to hold your goonerness against you :-P

weenie - thanks! Hope you had a great one too. :) Still top of the league (for now....)

puss - It was originally Del Boy, so yes - very badly dressed. Hope you had a nice (if not a bit chilly) New Year.

Sweet Cheeks - I'm back now :)