Sunday, 24 May 2009

Because I am still awake....

In my last blog I described how we'd run the catering for the stewards of certain major festivals in 2007. I probably didn't explain how the combination of the wettest summer ever (officially so) and devious business partners drove me to suffer trenchfoot and give me my first minor breakdown.

A sobering - literally - experience.

I was reminded of this recently because festival season is starting soon, and found this amazing video showing exactly what things were like in 2007. Bear in mind when you watch this that we were on site already and served food 24 hours a day during this flooding despite being several inches under water ourselves (we had a raised floor because we're not stupid and tried to plan ahead). We were fucking heroes.

P.S. I realise some of the guys in this video are, well, dicks, but I can't change that. The way water is flooding in to the back of the van is fantastic.


Pearl said...

You know, I speak English (it's my speciality) and yet I understood about half of that.


As a veteran of the catering staff, I am so glad that I missed your gig there in '07. Better luck in the future!!


Kevin Musgrove said...

Ye Gods!

And the flooding was bad, too.

Sweet Cheeks said...

I swear I've seen this somewhere before....

...but I'm just crazy.


Is Super Girl home?


Red Squirrel said...

Pearl - I particularly like the bit where they're down to a couple of feet of water and someone says 'it's back to normal now', followed by another voice that says 'Man, this ain't normal!'

Kevin - I know. Sadly I couldn't find a video of a bunch of decent chaps having a lark through it. Their gig was quite good though, surprisingly.

Sweet Cheeks - yeah, yeah :-P

She's not home, no, and won't be until the end of the week at least, much to her annoyance.