Thursday, 12 November 2009

Like two helium ballons escaping from a sack

That's right bitches - I'm back! Well, sort of. In spirit anyway.

Basically I think you're all great (stop it, I'll shed a tear) and my desire to make balloon animals out of certain people's intestines has diminished (not entirely - we're up to rape 4 in the current spree, including a 14-year old. Total scum.) to the level that I'd almost certainly not do it to someone I know.


I have a brief blog announcement to make, so bear with me:


I would like to make it entirely clear that I have the utmost respect for the people that I work with, even the senior management - despite their cavalier attitude to facts, reality or the health of the business.

I want to make it equally clear that I have never personally slagged off anyone at my company, nor posted classified information, nor posted pictures of anyone at work.

Is that clear, Mr Senior Manager from work using his company blackberry to search my blog? I may not be Einstein, but at least I'm not a fucking retard (your ip address has been logged. Close, but no cigar. Fatto.)

Moving on, let's have a pop-quiz:

If you had to choose between 15 CVs for a job and a brief google search on each name showed that one of the candidates had their own personal porn site, would you

a) discard them from your thinking as they're unsuitable
b) get them in for an interview to check that they're both real
c) devise a new technical test involving a chicken, gaffer tape and rohypnol?


Jack said...

Wait, what?

Your manager reads your blog?

Yikes. My manager doesn't know what a blog is, let alone how to find it ... !

Irish Gumbo said...

I'm okay with my supervisors searching my blog, I own my words and that's liberty!

As to the candidates...what business are the hypothetical candidates being interviewed for?

Or should I say 'position'?

In this case, if it was for. say, for school teacher or church music director, perhaps not.

Now human resources or marketing, that's a different story...

P said...

If they're stupid enough to have it under their own name then a) for sure...

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if you post on a public blog you shouldn't be surprised when people read it. You could always go back to the personal diary, hidden under the bed, but then your mum will find it. Or was that just me? Painful memories...

Hope things work out

Red Squirrel said...

Jack - a manager (not my boss) has discovered this place - god knows how - and has been trawling for things to get me in trouble. Luckily there's nothing like that posted here :)

IG - it's a technical position and whilst I have no problem with what she wants to do, I do know my colleagues. Place a woman who stars in porn films in the middle of the geek-fest that is most of my department and the explosion of hormones might just take down the building....

P - oh, we did a) immediately. It's not a good sign of initiative if you have an alias but the site comes up 4th link on a search for your real name :)

Anonymous - I've no real problem with anyone reading this, just not the way this person is going about it (details of which I can no longer put here, I'm sure you understand).....

Alfamale said...

I'd move and go anonymous