Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I've had a bit of a think about what to jot down here today (because I don't want this blog to turn into a whinge-fest - sure, things haven't been great recently but I'd like to get back to my normal service of not-very-subtly mocking the world and slowly drowning in an ocean of cynicism).

I came up with nothing. Sorry.

So instead, here are five things that vaguely wandered through my head - hands in pockets - and idly kicked their heels for a few minutes today.

  • If your company facebook page had 70 fans, and your company youtube channel had less than a hundred subscribers - how confident would you feel for the future when you know the company brand, development budget, marketing resource and roughly 50% of the board time was being invested in building an iPhone app that will be downloaded by about ten people?
  • If everyone did their job to the same level that you do yours, would the world be a better place or a worse place? In my case I think the world would be awesome on the few occasions that anyone got out of bed. Oh, and I'd invest in shares in the Coca Cola company.
  • People who don't eat spicy food should not cook curries for those that do like spicy food. And on that note - a Chicken Madras should not contain cubed potato.
  • I walked behind two young chaps this evening, possibly students - they looked idle and smug - and listened to the following 'conversation'

Idle Bugger 1: "Nydoyuallabootateyo?" (Well that's what it sounded like and it was definitely English to start with)

Idle Bugger 2: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

Idle Bugger 1: "Nydoyuallabootateyo???"

Idle Bugger 2: "Whaaaat?"

Idle Bugger 1: "Nydoyuallabootateyo?????"

Idle Bugger 2: "Whaaaaaaaaat?"

Idle Bugger 1: "Nydoyuallabootateyo?!?!?!?!?"

Idle Bugger 2: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

I turned for home before I discovered the outcome to this riveting exchange....

  • Oh, and forget Chopper Harris - who would have thought that the best/worst football violence would come from a 'lady'?


Kevin Musgrove said...

Utterly brilliant link there, Squirrel.

The world's not such a bad place after all, now that somebody's channelling the spirit of Billy Bremner.

Rachel Noy said...

Whoa... That's deep.

Anonymous said...

If everyone did their job at the same level I did they'd do it frantically at 3am while drinking Corona and mutterning to themselves. :)

Red Squirrel said...

Kevin - takes me right back to Leeds in their pomp :)

Rachel - which bit? Or are you being sarcastic young lady? :-P

Veggie - your world sounds great. When can we move in?