Thursday, 27 November 2008

A Christmas Story

I'm stealing this story directly from my friend Matt.

Because I can. :)

Anyway, our Matt was visiting his parents the other weekend and what with it being within four months of Christmas he got asked to write his Christmas list. Matt's a fairly self-sufficient type and doesn't like to make a fuss so just wrote 'Father Ted Box Set'.

"You have to write something more than that," his mother said after looking at it.

So he wrote 'World Peace' underneath.

The next day his parents were going shopping and his father found the piece of paper Matt made his list on.

"Is this Matthew's Christmas List?" he asks, showing top-notch observing skills.

"Yes," says Matt's mother.

Matt's father gets out his reading glasses and peers down at the list for several minutes. He sighs and takes a deep breath before looking up at his wife and asking:

"Are they *both* on DVD?"


Gorilla Bananas said...

'World Peace' is a hybrid of 'War and Peace' and 'World of Sport'. Napoleon calls off the invasion of Russia so he can wrestle with Dickie Davies. And pull his moustache.

Paula said...

Ha ha, brilliant stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least his dad is making an effort to keep up...until senility kicks in of course!

Red Squirrel said...

gb - Napoleon versus Big Daddy would've been awesome!

Paula - Matt's Dad sounds like a right laugh :)

Sweet Cheeks - indeed. I'll give him ten out of ten for effort....