Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I got back from New York this morning and am going to bed in a minute. I guess not eating and running about like a maniac for an hour in extremely cold weather has contributed to me feeling utterly zonked.

So please excuse me if I skip posting about what I got up to (without going into too much detail *ahem*) for now. Maybe tomorrow ;-)

I will say that the flight back was terrible. Not only did a glitch in British Airways' self-service check-in system mean that every single person had to queue for the 'Fast Bag Drop' line - this kind of negates the concept of a 'Fast Bag Drop' line really - but the pilot nearly stuffed the landing up, leaving us weaving down the runway on 2 wheels with all the grace of a drunken duck landing on a frozen pond.

Add to this that the aforementioned glitch meant I was seated in the middle of a row. On my left was a middle-aged woman who repeatedly requested The Daily Mail to read from the cabin crew (sample headline: 'How Europe wastes YOUR money teaching Finns to dance'). The Daily Heil. Jesus wept.

On my right was a plastic barbie Jewish Princess type who spent the entire flight alternately reading a fashion magazine or sleeping with her mouth open while snoring like a trooper. I was SO tempted to add a bit of drool using my teaspoon but didn't want to get in any trouble. She also handily brought her own cashmere pillow and blanket (matching of course) and refused any food because it wasn't 'kosher enough.' I would've had some sympathy too, if the ultra-orthodox Hasidim mother and daughter chubfest behind me hadn't wolfed theirs down in seconds. When it's kosher enough to be eaten by them (and the rabbi on the flight) then I'm guessing it's kosher enough for anyone.

The duo behind me also spent the entire flight talking loudly to one another in Yiddish. 'Ear-splitting volume' sort of loudly. Yiddish is actually fairly close to German so I was able to follow some of it, and nasty spiteful bile it was about each and everyone.

All in all it was the middle-class flight from Hell.

Now excuse me, one needs to sleep!


Ozzie Hobbit said...

scuse me, WHO has been spitting out nasty spiteful vile about everyone on the plane, oh pot like one?

I'm sure yours is far more entertaining tho.

To some people >:p

Glamourpuss said...

And they say travel broadens the mind - I guess it depends how self-regarding one is, and whether one has one's own cashmere pillow.


Red Squirrel said...

hobbit - complaining about how annoying someone was on the plane on an anonymous blog does not quite compare with calling all the stewardesses 'sluts' for dressing in their uniform. While they were serving them.

Religious nuts, you've gotta love the retardnesses.

puss - on an overnight flight, one mainly requires sleep ;)

weenie said...

Sorry to hear your trip was spoilt by such undesirable fellow travellers! Do any Xmas shopping in NY? :-)

Red Squirrel said...

weenie - sort of. One side of the 'rents wanted Obama t-shirts which were surprisingly hard to find!