Thursday, 13 November 2008

So good they named it twice

New York then....

I like the place (in the main). I love how each block is a kind of city-state in itself, how you can pass a block in which every person is clearly desperately poor, then one where they're well off, then back to poor etc. There's less 'areas' than a UK city, and the split in New York is equally along racial lines as it is along class lines - a Russian block becomes a Turkish block, becomes an Azerbaijani block, becomes an Armenian block, becomes a Russian block again, and so on.

Maybe it's the dull and predictable street layout* that produces such a mindset.

Anyway, this time we stayed in an area called Sheepshead Bay which is the south-eastern tip of Brooklyn and (apart from things like boats and water) was quite pretty. It certainly made a pleasant change from the warzone I accidentally booked us into last time.

I wasn't there long enough for us to do much beyond hang out and have a good time, watch some films, order a vast amount of food and check out a few local restaurants - of which the majority were sushi bars (and Mrs. Red Squirrel no likee fishee).

We did walk past one more 'american'** bar that didn't appear to serve food but still decided to take up a quarter of it's window space with a poster proclaiming 'NO SUSHI'. Either it was a bar frequented by fanatical animal rights protesters or a thinly veiled request to keep those pesky orientals out. The other window held the following gem of a poster (picture courtesy of my dear girlfriend ;-) ):

(I'm especially impressed by a) the sawn-off shotgun bit (normal shotguns not wanted) and b) the maximum payment as if someone might 'accidentally' find 12 assault rifles in the spare room.)

Seeing as this was the only window displaying this poster, I'm guessing 'NO SUSHI' wasn't a food critique.....

*57th Street and Y Avenue. Boring.
**By this I mean stereotypically redneck


Saoirse said...

Unbelievable. No one said a word to this post but you got comments on a link about a cartoon spider. It's 2:40 am, I itch and I can't sleep, and I can't understand why this cute little post got no comments. SO...

I'm leaving three.

Simply Curious said...

And here is number two with my blogger name. Because I'm weird and I can and you deserved more comments. Or hell, at least SOME comments. Where are your faithful readers??

Anonymous said...

and three. Don't have anything else to say but that.