Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I've finally finished working stupid hours so spent last weekend relaxing.

By relaxing, I mean I drove to London on Saturday to watch The Mighty Spurs absolutely *thrash* lowly Liverpool (and coincidentally win some money off of weenie :) ) and then popped into a Halloween party and then got home at 2am.

But I took it easy on Sunday.

By taking it easy, I mean I watched Lewis Hamilton win the F1 world championship, England humbled in the 20/20 Cricket Porn, and some documentary about penguins until the early hours.

But I've chilled out this week.

By chilled out I mean I've been out every night doing stuff and am flying off to New York on Friday to see ze girlfriend - which should be fun :)

Actually, watching the Grand Prix live on Sunday afternoon did make my week. If you haven't seen it, the Brazilian guy in a Ferrari won the race (and at that point the World Championship) and his team in the pits were jumping up and down and hugging his family. Tears were shed. Sadly, 20 seconds later Lewis Hamilton overtook someone on the final bend to finish 5th and then he'd won the World Championship instead.

Cue frankly hilarious scenes as the Ferrari pit crew were still celebrating, the TV cut to the McLaren pit who were then celebrating, then back to the Ferrari pit as someone ran over and said 'sorry old beans, t'other chap pipped him at the end'. The look on their faces was worth every penny of the intense frustration of having to put up with adverts in the middle of the races for the last 12 years! :-D

It even inspired a picture:


Gorilla Bananas said...

But how can you tell who is overtaking whom? All the cars look the same to me. It's like watching a football match where everyone is wearing the same strip.

weenie said...

Thrash???? You robbed us in the last minute!

Ferrari's faces? Priceless!

Red Squirrel said...

gb - to paraphrase an elderly Yorkshire relative of mine, 'One were red, the other t'weren't.'


weenie - yeah okay, we mugged you for the three points, but if you'd not been so boring in the first half.... :-P

instant korma said...

Are you flying back on 9/11?

Glamourpuss said...

The fellow Hamilton beat always wears such a sour expression.


Red Squirrel said...

Indeed, it's a deeply emotionless sport. I'm not actually sure why I bother watching it!