Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I got back at half past midnight last night after an 8 hour journey consisting of taxi, plane, train, tube, tube, train and finally taxi again.

Thank you all for the b'day wishes :)

I actually went to work today as well. I think this officially qualifies me for god-like status amongst the mere mortals of my workplace.

Anyway, fings wat I lurnt this weekend:

  • Children, and especially teenagers, require a mute switch
  • Gaudi really was a bugalugs nutjob, though the world would be a poorer place without him
  • Camp Nou is shabby, and I'd frankly rather get changed in a train toilet than the Visitor's Changing Room
  • Teenagers in big groups are a problem only solved with a hand grenade
  • My subconscious reaction on losing my footing on an uneven wet pavement is to exclaim 'Oh, my word!' - proving that I am most definitely both English, and a child of the the 1860s
  • A siesta is a deeply civilised invention
  • Chillies, shallow fried and coated with salt, beat a bag of peanuts when it comes to bar snacks
  • Tapas rules
  • More pubs in the centre of Barcelona were showing the England match than the Spain game, despite the English one being a friendly
  • Google are (apparently) an evil corporation intent on taking over the world and stealing your thoughts
  • I would quite like to own a ferret, provided I can take it for walks on a leash
  • The inventor of the device that makes you talk like Donald Duck on crack deserves a painful, horrible death
  • A man gently playing a small kettle drum is not a 'man playing a wok' (could've fooled me on that one)
  • Walking along the street with your mobile loudly distorting music on loudspeaker is normal behaviour for a certain section of society I call 'shits'
  • The Spanish will eat anything with eyes

Pics tomorrow - including the recipe for happiness, the happiest looking cat, and a big wall.


Gorilla Bananas said...

That's a hell of a lot of facts to digest on your birthday. Maybe you should have stayed in the hotel and blown out your candles.

Rachel Noy said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had an emotional and intellectual journey.

"My subconscious reaction on losing my footing on an uneven wet pavement is to exclaim 'Oh, my word!' - proving that I am most definitely both English, and a child of the the 1860s."


Anonymous said...

Yay! Little Squirrel returns!

Glad you had a blast....and didn't get arrested...(ahem.)

Teenagers are the spawn of Satan.

And the last time I slipped on wet pavement I said..."Holy Shit!...I almost bought the farm!"

Which is fairly embarrassing now that I've said it out loud....


Kevin Musgrove said...

You're amongst friends...
...were you wearing a trilby hat when you slipped?

Pearl said...

I see the time off did you good -- that was a very funny post!

Oh, my word.

I've never been ANYWHERE (insert sobs here) and even I would equate that with the British. And my grandmother. :-)

Welcome back, Squirrel!


Charby said...

Theres a man who gets in the bus with me who has a ferret on a leash! They're awesomely bendable! And smelly. Very Smelly. Poo!

Red Squirrel said...

gb - there isn't a cake big enough for all the candles I need anymore :(

Rachel - thanks :) It was a really fun time. I'm definitely going back.

Sweet Cheeks - now that sounds like a true mid-western saying :)

Kevin - no trilby I'm afraid. Despite the size of my ears I don't tend to wear hats - with a big floppy white one at the test match being an exception.

Pearl - so my posts aren't normally funny then? :(

At least I didn't exclaim 'Oh, I say!' - that would've been embarrassing....

Charby - I would wash my ferret then, so long as I could take it for walks and FREAK PEOPLE OUT then I could live with a bit of a smell.