Monday, 6 July 2009


I am so broken right now. Obviously, the most sensible thing to do when you're jet-lagged, lacking sleep and have gone straight back into work for two frenetic days, is to spend the first day of your weekend drinking in the sun.

Drinking in the sun all day.

And all night too.

And a significant chunk of the next morning as well.

As I said - broken.... :(

Anyway, after a lovely BBQ at Token's house (and having watched the Lions finally beat Seffrica at Rugby) a group of us headed to the National Forest Folk Festival.

I know what you're thinking, and yes - the first thing I did was quaff a four-pint jug of beer :)

The first act was a ceilidh band who's female violinist kept yelping/yapping in such a way that I'd imagine someone making love to her would have a similar experience to shagging a chihuahua.

*erases horrible mental image*

The second act was a magician that finished his act by throwing up and catching (in his mouth) four ping-pong balls. That probably doesn't sound that impressive - but then how many ping-pong balls can you fit in your mouth?

The final act was the brilliant and funny Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. Never heard of them? Well today is your lucky day because I've gone to great lengths to find some links for you. Imagine six or more people playing ukeleles and nothing but ukeleles. Here they are playing:

Teenage Dirtbag
Anarchy in the UK
Le Freak

They are, I'm sure you'll admit, not exactly what you were expecting :)

I couldn't possibly leave a weekend post without a picture, so I snapped this on the way home from work today. Some idiot had quite deliberately climbed over the barriers to leave a footprint in fresh concrete after some work was done on the local street lighting. You've got to love the forthright reponse from the workmen the next morning....


Gorilla Bananas said...

That ukulele band is very clever, but their instrument will always be associated with songs like When I'm cleaning windows by George Formby. It just sounds better with those tunes.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I'd entirely forgotten the Ukelele Orchestra despite having enjoyed some of their stuff before. Fun.

And that council worker deserves a customer service award.

Red Squirrel said...

gb - they did play 'When I'm cleaning windows' in Albanian style in honour of his standing in that country....

Kevin - he does indeed. He echoed the sentiments of the surrounding neighbourhood!

token said...

I'm surprised you didn't join us for the cricket after the morning drinking session. 3.5 hours dodging the ball whilst fielding in the dehydrating sun was so much fun. S had a bet on who in the field would be sick first...