Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Lessons in life pt. 26

How was your day? Good I hope.

Mine started with the following conversation which, as those of you that have seen me first thing in the morning will understand, left me a little confused all day:

Colleague: "Hey {my real name}, you'll know this - when was Reagan assassinated?"
Me : "Um, do you mean shot?"
Colleague: "Yeah"
Me: "1981 I think" (Trivia I can do*)
Colleague: "Nooooo, Tainted Love never came out that early"

Um, what?!? Is there something about Marc Almond I don't know here???

Anyway, the lesson in life I alluded to in the title is this:

If you intend to pull a sickie for a few days to attend a festival, do not - I repeat, do not - get a T-shirt made up that says "I'm a skiving bastard". Do not then wear it to the festival. Do not get lots of your friends to take pictures of you in it and, most important of all, do not then put those pictures on your facebook profile.

Especially if your boss is a friend of yours on facebook.

Here endeth both the lesson and your job, old son.

*I was right too. I kick arse at pub quizzes. Unless they're about music or TV. Or classical literature.


Charby said...

i hope that wasnt you....

Red Squirrel said...

God no - that was our placement student taking his job and degree down in a blaze of glory....

Kevin Musgrove said...

my God, he's management material!

Red Squirrel said...

Kevin - seeing as he just forfeited his degree as well it's possible he's McDonalds management material!

I thought it was a bit harsh myself, he is a student after all - skiving is what they do.